auto parts dealers

To become the No.1 supplier of Quality Auto Parts from “OE” (Original Equipment) manufacturers by making it reasonable and reachable to customers, thus initiating timely replacement of worn and damaged parts; a must to ensure the safety of automobile users and fellow road users.


Availing absolute freedom of choice for our valuable customers, by offering “100% Genuine Auto Parts or Guaranteed and affordable aftermarket parts from OE manufacturers, irrespective of Individual requirement or bulk requirement, from the unparalleled range of ready inventory, through group's nation wide and GCC outlets, by our experienced and efficient employees.

Core Values

We believe values are equally important in business too and advocate purely ethical trading. Our rigidity on this aspect has cased turbulences at times; however this has helped the company tremendesouly for acquiring customer's trust and respect in the long run.

Area of Focus

Auto parts trading is a multi billion dollar business for Dubai being the regional trade hub, especially the re-export business to other GCC, MENA and CIS countries. However we willfully chose Domestic & GCC marketc focusing on the demanding retail trade and distribution. This has greatly helped the company to navigate successfully and grow even while the region was severely hit by recession and regional /international turmoil.


Being a company focusing on retail trade, we aim to have more and more showrooms to reach nearer to the customers and cater them on a timely manner. This is in line with the vision of the Founder to generate more and more employment opportunities and accommodating maximum new recruits. By 2020 we plan to have 20 branches across GCC aligning with the Vision 2020 of the great nation and its leaderes. This’ll also equip the organization to serve the further demand fuelled by the massive World EXPO2020 in Dubai during the year 2020-2021.

Action Plans

To cater the further expansion plans and to shield from the rapidly climbing rental rates, the group has secured its own storage facility, staff Accommodation facility and corporate office facility all in the Highly Desirable city of Dubai itself. This has armored the group well for the future expansions with minimal funding requirement and less effort. The process of adding new talents to the existing efficient workforce is also happening right through in this regard.

Our Strength

Loyal and supportive Customers

Efficient and Experienced Employees.

Unparalleled Product Range.

Affordable Pricing.

Ex Stock Availability.

Choice of Genuine or OE Manufactured Guaranteed Replacement Parts.

Network of conveniently located outlets all over.

Company Structure

Headquartered in Business Bay District of Dubai

100+ employees

12 Retail / Wholesale Outlets across GCC

Storage facilities of 20,000+ sqft

Integrated Retail / Distribution / Whole Sale Divisions.